About Us

Zack Group has been in the medical staffing business for over 25 years. Our clients and staff turn to us to provide solutions that create mutually beneficial outcomes. Success is driven by our experience, a thorough knowledge of the medical profession and our ability to develop innovative technology that improves everyday operations.

Ron Zack, President

Ron lives the life of a successful and driven entrepreneur. Every company he has developed has been built on integrity and ethics, along with a focus on exceptional service. He works hard to stay ahead of the curve by following emerging technologies and industry trends. Ron knows the value of building long term business relationships.

Anthony Pontier, CEO

In 1998 Anthony founded the White Paladin Group, a business consulting and IT staffing firm. Frustrated by the typical corporate overhead and red-tape he previously encountered, Tony made it his personal mission to remove these obstacles. His focus is on creating successful results through staffing solutions for your business.